Promotional Gifts

Our luxury and chic promotional gifts

Iluminii is a supplier with unlimited possibilities for fair items, premiums, giveaways and custom made promotional products. Our range of products are varied from outdoor, garden, beach, to home accessories, as well as football merchandising, wine and its accessories, festive products for parties and Christmas. Discover all new concepts in promoting your brand.

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Below are some of our luxurious promotional gifts which are Made ​​in Holland:

Logo on Your Personal Wine Bottle

This nice bottle of wine is an ideal present for Christmas gift or any other festivity. A 100% tin label of your own design, labeled on a nice bottle filled with delicious wine. A very personal and unique gift. Available in delicious range of French wines. An unique way to promote your company brand.

Oil Lamp for Wine Bottle

The oil lamp is the ideal product to accompany your wine or champagne bottle as your personal gift. It is a perfect combination to go along with the beautiful logo of reuse wine bottles. This oil lamp can be use together with the personalized wine bottle which will remain decoratively visible for years.

Candles printed with your company logo

Dutch Bolsius quality Candles printed with your company logo in full colour. The best way to promote your brand. All our quality candles have a scratch resitant layer to protect your brandname for being damaged

Candles with your company logo pressed in chic tin

Dutch Bolsius quality Candles printed with your company logo on a chic silver color metal tin label. The best way to promote your brand, shining